About Night Writers

Night Writers started nearly 30 years ago with a writing class at North Hennepin Community College, led by Maureen LaJoy.  Several of those members–Ross, Judy, Lyn, and Genny–are still members of the Night Writers, which has continued to meet weekly since that time.


Today, we have a core group of: Ross, Judy, Lyn, Genny, Judd, Janet, Stephanie, Sue, Laura, Catherine, and Meredythe, and past members who will always remain a part of Night Writers.  Over the years, we have met at community colleges, ice rinks, community centers, arts centers, and churches.

Our genres cover fiction and non-fiction, time travel, adventure, romance, humor, poetry, submarines, memoirs, and much more.

Our members come from all walks of life, and from many fields of work.

We are a group who succeeds through meeting weekly, keeping our meetings in a professional space, and having close friendships in which we care about both our craft, and one another as people.

Our Current Members:

Ross: Mystery and detective novels.  Cardinal Red: Last Cry of the Whippoorwill; The Eye of the Serpent; and more

Judy: Mainstream fiction.  Dancers of the Third Age

Genny: Memoir, Local Interest, Children’s Books.  Green Stamps to Hot Pants; Heart and Hard Work, Bait Store Angels and Other Stories.

Lyn: Romantic adventure: The Lindy Lewis novels

Janet Historic fiction, mystery, and adventure: The Sion Grail

Sue Children’s Books

Laura: Time travel, Historic Fiction, Adventure: The Blue Bells Chronicles

Judd: Music!

Meredythe: Children’s novel

Catherine: Poetry

Stephanie: Historic Fiction. Secrets in the Timbers