TWiNW: How Night Writers Started

Over the years, the story of Night Writers has been told many times. We are a group whose origins go back more than 30 years to four members still with us today. We have at times laughed that we are a ten person marriage, such is our commitment to being there each week.

322bd-nwgennyThis Week in Night Writers, Genny read her first draft of her telling of the story from her perspective.

Night Writers started in 1989 when Genny, Ross, Judy, and Lyn met in Maureen LaJoy’s writing class at North Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Genny’s story takes us through the early years with Maureen, the closing of the writing program at Hennepin Tech, Maureen’s death, and the group’s decision to move forward without a teacher, but helping and critiquing each other.

Genny detailed the arrival of others who came to be core members of the group, including Stephanie, Sue, Janet, and Judd, who started coming with Ross in 2005.

Laura and Jack arrived in 2006 and 2007 gaining the nickname ‘The Steamrollers’ as they established the publishing company, Gabriel’s Horn, that is separate from Night Writers, but grew from it, encouraged others to publish, and brought a new dynamic to the group.

The story wove through our years in the warming house of an ice rink, at the Maple Grove Community Center, and at the Maple Grove Arts Center.

I think we all look forward to seeing the story fleshed out, and perhaps more details on other members who have come and gone.

NW Red Gala All (2017_01_22 16_12_29 UTC)

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