TWiNW: Laura and Lyn

This week in Night Writers, Lyn and Laura are both on relatively new books.

Author Lyn SmallLyn’s newest book is once again set in Birch Lake, where women are being found hanged. Shiloh, an older woman who lives in a mansion from which she sells antiques, is accused of the murder when her red hair is found at both of the crime scenes.

What the reader knows–though Shiloh doesn’t–is that her son, given away for adoption many years ago, is back in town. And he has a vendetta. The tension is steadily growing as we see Tom’s plotting against his mother and see Shiloh arrested for a crime she didn’t commit.

In the wake of publishing the final book of her time travel saga, The Blue Bells Chronicles last March (The Battle is O’er), Laura is now working on The Castle of Dromore. While this book, like her previous work, weaves between modern and medieval Scotland, it is a ghost story, centered on the experience of betrayal.

Lisa Quinn is a young widow who, in the wake of a tragedy in Boston, takes all she has to move her five boys to a castle in Scotland. Only after she arrives, having spent all she has, does she discover the castle is haunted.

In tonight’s readings, Lisa settles on bringing brownies to Brendan McCann, who has helped launch her as a harp teacher in the small town. She evades her boys’ questions about who she’s going to see while they’re in school, while realizing she’s very much beginning to hope he’s not married.

In the night, Lisa’s 6 year old son Nathan comes to her room, asking why she’s playing harp in the night. She assures him she has been in bed and has not touched the harp.

Back in 1307, Christian, newly married, knows she is pregnant–with a boy. Her ladies, amused by the strong resemblance between her and her cousin Anna, encourage them to switch places as her new husband, Thomas, comes in with the hunt. As Anna chides her, is she afraid her husband won’t recognize her, Christian takes her place at the harp and plays Anna’s favorite song. She assures herself, when Thomas looks first to Anna, that it doesn’t mean anything.

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