TWiNW: Becky and Chris

This Week in Night Writers:

Due to time, we’ve slacked off on our blog, so a belated welcome to Becky and Chris, our newest members, since last winter. It has been great to have new members and two such talented members.

NW blog ChrisChris regaled us the first few months with fanciful and wonderfully told tales of the animals around Whidbey Island. In the last six weeks, he’s begun a suspense novel, a tale of a medical device invented by college students turned to a military weapon by a Syrian cleric.

Tonight’s reading involved Abud, the cleric’s, first glimpse of this amazing nano-bot, which can move through the human body with amazing precision, at the command of a computer, delivering healing previous ages could only dream of. Abud, however, has other plans for it. We, the readers, have yet to know how he plans to use this militarily.

 Becky is another very talented writer and writing professor. She has had some success entering her short stories in competition. Her current work tells the story of an amazing childhood and family overcoming a number of crises through the faith learned from their parents.

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