Mars Con 2018, and an Excerpt

The Battle is O’er

now available for pre-order on Kindle!

Print edition to come.

Congratulations to Dan Blum, whose book The Feet Say Run has been optioned for movie rights!


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Dear Readers,


Once again, I am running a day late. I spent this past weekend at Mars Con, here in Minneapolis. It was a fun weekend, in which I reconnected with my friend

  • Ozgur K. Sahin, author of the pirate-themed novel Wrath of the Brotherhood, 

and also met many interesting people–including

My fellow panelists on the What Are You Writing, All Questions, and Indie Authors Buffet panels:

And those at the tables around me and hosting events:

and many more, vendors, authors, participants, those throwing room parties, and the wonderful people who kept a steady supply of food and drinks up on the eleventh floor for all of us.


It was a fun weekend of meeting and greeting and taking part in panels, taking pictures of Who’s Reading the Blue Bells Chronicles, and also very busy, getting up early each day to get down to the Hilton and up late each night to get back home. I ended up crashing much of Monday. And I look forward to the next convention!


And now…Monday’s excerpt, a day late!


Linlithgow, time travel, time travel stories, time travel fiction, excerpts from novels

She nods, hugging James tight, her knuckles white on the keys. James whimpers, looking to Shawn with a furrow in his brow.

What about Brother Eamonn?” I ask.

You know where he is,” Shawn says shortly, even as he glances around the empty chapel. “Niall will take care of him.”

Questions burn in Mairi’s eyes. She glances at the door.

Aim to kill,” Shawn reminds me, and he leads us into the hall, keeping Mairi close, her arms wrapped around James.




The Battle is O’er: Coming March 23, 2018


When is The Battle is O’er coming out?  READ HERE.

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