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Congratulations to Dan Blum, whose book The Feet Say Run has been optioned for movie rights!
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Niall felt the hope and excitement of a new day as he once had, as he almost saw Bruce’s new church rising proud against a summer sky.
“A wee bit bigger, aye.” Dunod beamed. “We’re no so many now, but I understand Bruce foresees us growing.”
“He does,” Niall agreed, and looked up to the empty window. “Stained glass! ’Twill be a fair sight!”
“A great honor to our Fillan,” the abbot said. “Our king is good.”
“He does not think he is.” Niall wandered to the far side of the ruins, envisioning the new transept.
“Ah, the Greyfriars incident gives him no rest?” Dunod asked.
“It does not,” Niall said. “You met him just before Dalrigh. Sure you knew of Greyfriars?”
The old bishop sat down on a low wall that had once formed part of the confessional. “He
did not kill Comyn. Another did.”
“True,” Niall said. “But he struck the blow, and on sacred ground. The Pope ex-communicated him. Yet you blessed him. Why?”
Dunod stared up to where a black bird perched on the chapel wall. “A story is never simple.”
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The Battle is O’er: Coming March 23, 2018

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