TWiNW: Judy and Lisa

Judy read a re-write of the last chapter of See That House.  Still to be sorted out is the interaction between Kate, Charles, and Rose.  Will Rose help with the rescued girls?  In the re-write, Judy removed Charles from the vital discussion between Kate and Rose, and all agreed this worked well.

Lisa read of Shadow hearing what Nicholas, her deceased fiancé, had to say about her to his brother Kermit.  We talked about how a man would really speak of his beloved in a letter to his brother as compared to what he might say in a journal, and how Shadow might learn of that journal and its contents.

Plans continue for the annual Night Writers Pool Part and (this year again) Shrimp Boil.  Some years, Judd and Laura play a bit of guitar, saxophone, flute, and alto flute.  Some years, Genny’s grandson DJ comes with his band to play for us.  This year, for the first time ever, Applefred and Oswald will perform!

Among Night Writers traditions is Judd finding a song title somewhere in each night’s readings.  Recently, as Laura read of the monks at Wetheral Priory, Aethelfred and Oswald, discussing the shooting in Inglewood Forest, an entire rock duo was born.  Applefred and Oswald.  And so, they will be on hand at the annual party.  First up is Witchy Woman, as it tied directly into a comment made during the course of critiques this past Wednesday.


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