TWiNW: Rewriting! (Sue)

Success, they say, is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  And the ‘overnight success stories’ were usually preceded by years of hard work.


Good writing appears to flow, but of course it’s usually the result of many rewrites.  This week, Genny and Sue both read rewrites.

Sue read her third version of Blossom the Cat Goes to the Mall, in which Mr. H wins cat services at Five Star at the Mall.  Blossom is excited about her upcoming lion trim–but also determines that she’ll find a way to have some salmon at one of the mall’s restaurants.  “You can’t have your trim and fish sticks, too,” Merle the Bulldog warns her.  And, as they’ve been discussing her improved cat communication, he also tells her to use her gift for good.

Not surprisingly, Blossom dashes away from the pet salon, to try to order salmon at the restaurant across the hall.  Adventures ensue!

In this rewrite Sue trimmed the story down, and also worked in more of a lesson that Blossom learns, as she–true to nature–thinks about herself, but later realizes she should have been more thoughtful of others.

Read more about Blossom at Blossom’s Blogs.


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