TWiNW: Lindy Remembers the Past

In Lyn’s 11th book, Lindy wakes up in the hospital after being shot.  Typically Lindy, she briefly considers the fashionability–or lack thereof–of hospital gowns and on the sheriff’s entrance, demands to know if her five hundred dollars has been retrieved.

Author LynSeveral weeks ago, several people had asked to know more about Lindy’s background.  While readers know the backstory–how Lindy burned the mansion she and her husband restored, after his death and a severe attack of carpenter ants–we have never known anything of her life with her husband, in those years between college with Reed Connors and meeting Reed again after burning her house.

And so in Lindy’s drug-induced state, she remembers scenes from her marriage.  Last week, we heard some memories from her happy years with her husband and this week, we learned how she got the news of his cancer.

We talked about character: Lindy is wealthy, yet she’s concerned enough about five hundred dollars to chase down the thieves–resulting in getting shot.  There was agreement that this is an issue of character and it’s not about the money itself but about the principal.  Lindy does not take kindly to being pushed around or bullied.

Find more about Lyn and her books at Lyn Miller Books.


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