TWiNW: Laura

12239213_10153768235771565_2179586649717244269_oAs Laura continues to work on book five of The Blue Bells Chronicles, she read scenes from Niall’s part of the story.  In this scene, Niall and Hugh are ‘caught’ by Joan–yes, Joan who is in love with ‘Fionn,’ Niall’s wandering minstrel alter ego.

Despite Joan’s love of talking, however, and the trouble it gets Niall, Conal, and Hugh into, Joan also takes part in rescuing them from the wrath of Lady MacDougall.

Questions up for discussion were…how many times can you use the word ‘guard’ in one scene?  A search of an online thesaurus had turned up few suitable synonyms, but Lisa (?) suggested ‘sentry’ as an alternative, while saying the scene didn’t actually seem to use the word too often.

So, the hook is…how do Niall and Hugh get out of the MacDougall courtyard while surrounded by men with swords?  It turns out that the Lady Christina’s kindness to many ultimately makes a great difference.


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