TWiNW: Stephanie and Judy

Stephanie read a re-write of last week’s scene from Secrets in the Timbers, in which Lally, in the lumber camp, notes the difference in all the men’s hats–the Norwegians’ hats, the Germans’, and so on.  More importantly, Lally notes the unpleasantness of Karl Meister and learns from Orvin that there is suspicion (if only on Orvin’s part) that Meister is not merely severely lacking in personal hygiene, but also up to no good.

Judy read scene from near the end of her work in progress, in which Charles, Kate, and Rose discuss what is to be done about the girls they have rescued.  We discussed at some length what the term ‘holding pen’ signifies, whether it has a positive or negative connotation, and what might be a positive word for the place the girls will stay for a brief while.

Judy’s WEB SITE.

Judy’s first book:


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