TWiNW: Frederick Blanch

This Week in Night Writers–

vosika blog frederick blanchWe had a guest who will hopefully join us now and again.  A couple of weeks ago, Frederick Blanch, author, composer, and photographer, stumbled across Laura’s sites, and realized her writers’ group, Night Writers, was the one that sprang from the  writing classes of Maureen LaJoy.  Maureen spent the last ten years of her life with Frederick, so he knew some of us personally and certainly knew of us, as Maureen was instrumental in our founding, about 30 years ago

Over the past many years, Frederick has written classical music, short stories, and poetry.  Welcome, Frederick!

In addition to reading his own weekly writing, Ross read us a selection from a book we created about 7 or 8 years ago, in honor of Maureen.  His piece recounted how much she meant to the early members of our group, how she encouraged them, and believed in them.

Frederick is currently looking to publish his next book, Hanging Around the Penultima Gardens.


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