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Hello to all those in the Twin Cities–or all those who are looking for an excuse to run, drive, fly, ski, or ice skate in by Friday evening!  Yes, I’m here to give you just the excuse you were looking for!

Free wine!  A free medieval dessert–emplumeus!  Yes, emplumeus, the very same emplumeus I demonstrated on WCCO Channel 4 last fall.  There will also be a giveaway.  Not to mention, Genny Zak Kieley and I will be reading from our books that evening, and there will (hopefully!) be fun and interesting literary types there to meet and talk books–and free wine and emplumeus–with.

Genny Kieley, Bait Store Angel, Northeast Minneapolis, nostalgia, local history

Genny has been a beloved author in the Twin Cities for many years now, with many appearances on television, at signings, and giving talks.  She started wtih three books on the history of Northeast Minneapolis, and then moved on to Green Stamps to Hot Pants: Growing Up in the 50s and 60s, the very fun nostalgic look at life in decades past.  More recently, she has published Bait Store Angel and Other Stories, a collection of short memoir vignettes, and Stevie the Bat, a children’s story about her own childhood.

I’ve known Genny for more than a decade now, as we work together almost weekly in Night Writers, our critique group, and I have always enjoyed her warm and nostalgic stories and reminiscences.

medieval food, medieval recipes, medieval history, chillingham cattle, food and feast, novelty cookbooks

I will be reading from Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles: a gastronomic historic poetic musical romp in thyme.  I call this ‘NOT a cookbook,’ although it has over 200 recipes, medieval and modern in it.  The book is a collection of scenes involving food from my Blue Bells Chronicles, put together with explanations of the history behind those scenes, or a medieval song or Scottish poem connected with the food in the scene….and always with a recipe for what Amy, Shawn,  Angus, and Niall are eating.

In this book, you’ll find everything from the amazing gastronomic wonder of birds within birds and singing pies and roasts to ‘recipes’ for survival food, for how to make bannocks while in the wilderness during time of war.

You’ll find the history of cattle–and how they differ from today’s livestock.  You’ll find Burns’ poetry and transcripts of medieval recipes and interesting facts about medieval thought on food and what various herbs and spices were used for.

This was a book I didn’t expect to write.  A reader asked me to, and I ended up having a lot of fun doing it, in addition to learning a great deal that has helped me fill out the medieval world of Niall and Allene even more.

We’d be delighted to see you–and did I mention free wine, a medieval dessert, a giveaway, and author talk?

  • February 10, 2017, 7 pm: I’ll be reading and signing books at Magers and Quinn with Genny Kieley.  Complimentary wine and a medieval dessert!
  • February 12 and 19, I’ll be reading on the Vehicle of Expression, part of the Art Shanty Project
  • February 25, 2017: I will co-host Food Freedom on AM 950 with Laura Hedlund and Karen Olson Johnson.  Guests: Michael Agnew, craft beer expert and Ross Fishman on Russian literature.  We’ll taste Russian beer: listen to the whole program from last month.
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