TWiNW: Sue

Sue has continued to write a new Blossom story nearly every week, often correlating with current seasons, holidays, and events.  A recent story involved Blossom attempting to vote for CAT-erina–and finding that there are multiple opinions and views and stories on who a person really is.

BlossomCoverThis week’s story was about Blossom’s family with their Christmas tree and gifts, and Mitzi the dog’s family across the street with the menorrah and Mitzi’s nightly gifts.  It was a story about Blossom’s jealousy and her eventual realization of what she’s doing, and how she’s misinterpreting Mitzi showing her her nightly Hannukah gifts.

As usual, the story was entertaining, funny, full of clever ‘cat-isms,’ and Blossom’s delightful character, as well as a bit of a moral to the story.

We talked about ways of maybe weaving in a few more parts of Hannukah, making sure it’s clear at the very beginning that there’s snow on the ground, and the layout of the houses and their fenced yards being across the street from each other.

To read Sue’s Blossom stories, see Sue’s Blog: Blossom’s Blogs.




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