TWiNW: Laura and the Recurring Pool Room

Laura read two scenes from different parts of The Battle is O’er: What was meant to be the final scene of the entire Blue Bells Chronicles, and a revision of last week’s scene about Shawn’s amazing new pool wing on his mini-mansion.

The general consensus from those who heard the original was that this week’s version, in which Laura cut the word count by a third, was better.  The consensus by those who hadn’t heard it was that they liked it.  The consensus from Genny was that it still needs work, that despite the beautiful descriptions of the amazing new solarium, it’s missing something, not up to Laura’s usual writing.

With some discussion, we arrived at what it was she was picking up on.  Most of Laura’s writing weaves description and action with thoughts and emotions.  This particular scene was very much a description and then Amy’s thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the room.  Laura will continue to revise this scene to work the thoughts and emotions throughout.

11813403_10207106986133895_703544980803043744_nThe consensus on the ‘last scene of the entire series’ was…No, it’s not.  You have to say what happens next.  Well–isn’t that exactly how one book turned into five?  It was a good discussion about when a book can end with strong hints of what happens next and when the reader wants to see the story unfold rather than merely surmising in a general way.

So, on to Book Six of the five-book ‘trilogy’ for Laura?  Stay tuned!

Just for interest’s sake, the picture here was taken on the causeway out to Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island, off the east coast of Northern England, which is where the last scene–or perhaps not the last scene–of The Blue Bells Chronicles takes place.

To read more about Laura’s books or the History Behind the Story, see her blog, The World of the Blue Bells Chronicles.


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