TWiNW: Lyn

Lyn read chapter 19 of Times Like These (tentatively titled).  In this scene, Lindy, now back in Hilton Head, has a very unpleasant encounter with Adam Wilson, foremost citizen and wealthy banker.  She reports his actions to the chief of police, who warn her that he is a very influential man with many friends–and perhaps she would like to re-consider her report.

We discussed whether the chief of police in Hilton Head would expect to know all the locals, and whether a chief of police would really suggest that someone not report a crime.  There were probably slight differences of opinion on that, but probably more agreement that tempering just how far Adam gets with his crime solves that problem either way.

cover-lml-almighty-tooLyn’s book release for Almighty Too was this past Sunday–a fun event in which many of her readers and friends met up again to enjoy good music, good food, and good company.

Almighty Too is the second in a series about Jesse Ortega, one-time sheriff from Birch Lake, Minnesota, Lindy Lewis’s hometown, in which Jesse must solve the mystery of the heads appearing in the forest in the wake of a great storm.

Congratulations, Lyn, on your tenth published novel!


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