Building Worlds, Building Scenes

Why does it take so long to write a book?  I’m sure plenty of readers wonder.  I sometimes ask myself the same thing, especially when the words are flowing and I’m cranking out 10 or 15 pages a day, or editing 70 pages a day.  But then there are scenes like the one I’m working on this week.  Shawn and Amy are talking about forgiveness.  Just a conversation, 600 words, 1200 words, I don’t know.  Not a terribly long scene.

There are two things that take time.  One is that it’s a tough subject to tackle, especially given the contrast in the behaviors, actions, and people each of them is called to forgive.  I haven’t even gotten to the conversation yet.

I’m starting with scene building.  While many of my settings are clear in my head from the previous four books, Shawn went and built himself a new addition on his house–a fantastic room with an Olympic-size pool and an archery range.

While sometimes settings come to my mind very clearly, this one took a little more deliberate ‘creation.’  To that end, I have spent the last couple of days on a number of sites.

To see more, go to Laura’s blog.


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