TWiNW: Lisa

vosika-blog-lisaThis Week in Night Writers, Lisa is back for her second week.  Her book, tentatively titled The Observer, is a collection of stories within a story, in the manner of Canterbury Tales.  Through the eyes of Shadow, a fictional elderly woman who has been mute her whole life, we hear a number of true stories drawn from Lisa’s own family lore.

Shadow’s earliest memories are of traveling to America on a ship, during which she lost her parents.  She latched onto Holda, following her like a shadow.  Lacking any way of knowing this little girl’s name, Holda and her husband Herman call her ‘my little shadow.’  The name sticks.

The family joins a group walking to America.

We hear of Theophil who walks with them, with his cow, Lily, and how he sometimes lets Shadow ride on Lily.


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