TWiNW: Laura

While there are many scenes that still need to be written earlier in The Battle is O’er…since they are not yet written, Laura is now reading from the action-packed final sequence of the whole Blue Bells Chronicleswhich takes place on the causeway, and in the water surround Lindisfarne, in northern England.

11813403_10207106986133895_703544980803043744_nWe talked about filling out the imagery of the landscape, making it clear how there’s deep water in a place where the tide going out allows people to walk across–answer, because the deep water is farther out.  However, that wasn’t yet clear.

For reference, the picture shows Laura on that causeway, on one of her research trips to Scotland (by luck, meeting a garron–er, at least a pony about the size the medieval Scots’ garrons would have been.  The breed itself is now extinct.)  At high tide, Laura would be under water of about 6 to 8 feet.

Readers of The Blue Bells Chronicles may begin to make some guesses as to why a final scene in this series involves such a location.

We talked about how long hair might or might not spread out on the surface of the water, as someone has been under or in water for longer and longer.  Along with our Night Writers’ field trips to several other places (the gun shop for Lyn!) we’ll have to make a Night Writers field trip to the local pool and observe people with long hair under water.

Of course, this is how writers make writing realistic.  Maybe there will be a trip to the pool in the near future!

For more on the history and landscape that form the backdrop of The Blue Bells Chronicles, see Laura’s blog.

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