Book Release Party

Congratulations to Laura Vosika on the book release party for Food and Feast: a gastronomic historic poetic musical romp in thyme.  The party was held at MacKenzie, an American pub with a distinctly Scottish flare–just right for a collection of books set in medieval and modern Scotland.

vosika-blog-book-partyMany thanks go out to Dena Rose, Laura’s publicist, who made this happen and also provided, personally, for the food Brian and Deb served–medieval meat pie, almond milk fruit pie, and fish and chips from Laura’s book.

Thank you, too, to the many who came out to help Laura celebrate the release of her sixth book!

Food and Feast is an eclectic mix of modern and medieval recipes, stories and song, history and humor, based around scenes of food and feast from the first four (of five) books in Laura’s Blue Bells of Scotland saga–the story of two men who switch places in time, an arrogant modern musican taking the place of a devout medieval warrior, a story of mysteries and miracles, romance and redemption.

Laura’s Sites:


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