TWiNW: Ross and a PARTY!

This Week in Night Writers–we had a small group and only two readers.14711649_10154608712656565_3438720466281623152_o

Ross read from Alibi, in which Connie Basil, investigating the death of his friend Donny, meets with Donny’s mother, Maria Panetta.  Maria reminisces about the fun he and Donny used to have…and is staunch is saying she knows he and Donny had nothing to do with the death of that girl, so many years ago.

We talked about descriptions, the things that words and phrases might imply–and therefore should be delivered as ‘promised’– and the placement of sentences.  I think all writers have had the experience of a great sentence they’d like to keep–but it just doesn’t fit where it was placed.

14713006_10154608712651565_3825646833312076231_oAnd, hey, what’s a writers’ group without birthday celebrations! We’re not terribly regular or consistent about any one person’s birthday, but we pretty regularly find cause to celebrate some birthday! Our September birthday celebration got delayed due to knee surgeries and flood waters and bears, oh my! Well, not bears. But the rest is all true! I swear! You can certainly believe someone who makes stuff up for a living!

So tonight we had cupcakes and sangria for Laura’s birthday last month.  Happy birthday, Laura!  (Okay, I can’t stand it!  I cannot tell a lie!  We totally staged that second picture.  It was really a very calm, sober, and even somber meeting!)


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