TWiNW: Laura and Lyn

We missed a lot of people this week due to illness and more.  As a result, we had only two readers tonight.

nw-blog-ivory-towerLaura read two poems–one not terribly long and one rather short.  We discussed the first at some length–in fact, the discussion was far, far, far longer than the poem!  We discussed, with some opposing opinions, whether the last line of In Ivory Towers was a disappointment (if you know something, you must act on it! Judd said) or the only thing the last line could be (Ross’s view).  Catherine addressed the position of the narrator as standing in between two groups, more closely associated with one, and yet not really a member of either.

Ross talked about poems as stories–and where is the correct place for the narrator to make an appearance.

We discussed ‘judgment’ and judging those who judge, vs. the notion of enlightenment and seeing things for what they are.

We discussed over-discussing a poem!

We did not really discuss the second poem, A Simple Kiss.

Laura also read a scene from The Battle is O’er, due in December 2017, which happens earlier in the book than previous readings, due to the scenes now being written that fill in some details explaining later events.  In these scenes, Shawn tells Clarence what his new job will be: to improve his swimming and become a master archer.  Not asking questions is part of what I’m paying you for, he tells Clarence, who objects strongly to being given what he regards as a make-work job, a pity job.  Shawn assures him this is the most important job in the world.

One question brought up, which will be worked into the continued writing of the book, is what kind of bow Clarence will be using, when and where he will be called upon to shoot (with precision to rival Robin Hood!) and how that specific bow should be explained.  This is not going to be a bow you buy at Cabela’s for hunting season, and that must be explained.

Lyn talked about her plans for beginning some serious marketing of her books–the tenth of which is coming out in just three weeks!  Congratulations, Lyn!


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