Food and Feast: Release and Giveaway

ENTER TO WIN! a kindle copy of Food and Feast

vosika-cover-ff-canva300-center-frontCongratulations to Night Writer Laura Vosika on the release of her new book Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles: a gastronomic historic poetic musical romp in thyme.

Warning: This is Not a Cookbook!

Food and Feast does, however, contain over two hundred recipes–medieval recipes in their original medieval form, medieval recipes in modern terms, traditional Scottish recipes, modern midwest American, recipes for eating in the wilderness, and even exotic and slightly dangerous recipes, drawn from scenes in the acclaimed Blue Bells Chronicles.

In an eclectic mix, Food and Feast also digs into tasty morsels of history, succulent songs, meaty medieval philosophy, and medieval and Scottish poems, about food and drink. Here be fire-breathing roasts and live bird pies alongside oatcakes cooked on the campaign trail!

Food and Feast went live this morning.  Enter the giveaway for a kindle copy, or order now: Kindle or Print.  Find sample recipes at Laura’s blog.

Laura will be featured tomorrow morning, Tuesday, October 11, on WCCO TV’s Mid-Morning Show, making apple emplumeus, a medieval treat.



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