TWiNW: Stephanie and Lyn

Stephanie’s book Secrets at the Timbers,  set in the 1800s, revolves around Lally, a young woman with a tragic secret in her past. We discussed the signs  of post traumatic stress Lally might show in the wake of her father’s abuse and Lally’s question, what could she have done differently?

Author Lyn SmallLyn read the next chapter in Times Like This, in which Reed Connors meets Inga Mueller a second time–after a mysterious caller dissuaded her from talking to him the first time.  We discussed details–if CeeCee was hit by another driver as she made a left turn, how do both the doors, driver and passenger, come to be crushed in?  Which door does Inga think she got out of?  Could she, in her elderly and infirm state, have climbed over the stick shift to exit the passenger side?




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