Favorite Quotes by Ross Tarry

The key to writing believable fiction is a powerful, yet controlled imagination. Before

you begin to write about any fictional happening, be it a gun battle, the meeting of

two lovers, or something as innocuous as a stroll through a park, you—, the author,—

must be certain that you have imagined it fully. If you can’t manage to part the curtain that

veils what is essentially your daydream, if you can’t see the event unfolding in it’s entirety

with your minds eye, when you translate that vision into words, it will surely be shrouded in

a thick, oily gray mist. Then, to make the action more vivid, you’ll be tempted to litter the

landscape with mangled corpses and buckets of gore.

Robert B Parker

Author of the Spenser series

in an interview in WD  in 1995



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