TWiNW: Handguns and Hounds

In the wake of an awful experience, Lindy Lewis heads across country to the Carolinas, her large stuffed dog in the seat beside her in the Carolinas.  It is with relief that she crosses the bridge to the island, and lets herself into her house.

Author LynIt’s also with fear, as this is where the D’Agostino’s live.  They will not have forgotten that she was key in putting their son and brother in prison.

With her handgun ready, she checks her house carefully.  All seems well.  She heads out to the beach and to a bar, where Miguel, the bartender is quite friendly.  And he says he knows her.  Nervous, Lindy heads home, and there finds that apparently the maid left her lunch in a white box in the refrigerator.

Then she opens the box….

For more on Lindy Lewis and the Lyn Miller LaCoursiere novels, see Lyn’s website



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