TWiNW: Spicy…like the herb

This is Connie Basil’s reply to Dr. Sandra Good, M.E., when she questions, “Basil, like the herb?”  This may have been a favorite line among our group in this scene!

Author Ross smallRoss read a scene in which Connie visits the medical examiner, asking for a copy of the autopsy on his friend Donny Panetta.  Dr. Good’s office and character were vivid and well-described, as were the flirtatious undertones between them.

We talked about the question of Connie’s real intentions in this flirtatious interaction with a woman who has a picture of a child on her cadenza, and why he leaves when she makes it clear she has time for him.

We all had opinions about Connie’s statement that he has no opinion, and how much he should really tell Dr. Good about how involved he really is in this investigation.


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