TWiNW: The Night Attack on Berwick

In The Battle is O’er, Niall runs through the dark night with Hugh, Thomas Randolph, James Douglas, William Keith, and Patrick Earl of Dunbar.  It’s a trap!  He hears Shawn’s voice again, as James Douglas throws his rope ladders up the walls of Berwick and Peter Spalding beckons from the crenallations above.

But he can’t tell his commander to call of the attack because he’s hearing disembodied voices.  With trepidation, he climbs the ladders, up the walls of Berwick.

Shawn and Clarence, meanwhile, takes Shawn’s mother to lunch, the best lunch she’s ever had, and reminisce with her about the best times of their lives together.  “You’re up to something,” she accuses.

“Nothing,” Shawn insists.  “A surprise lunch is all we were up to!  You were surprised, werne’t you?”

11999086_10153639503152888_5289999239681944268_nWe discussed historical accuracy, how knowing the precise details of history brings a scene to life, and the amazing James Douglas who did, in fact, invent the rope ladder, which was, in fact used in this final attempt to take Berwick.

We discussed scenes that must be written to fill in the gaps between where Clarence was last week, and where he is with his decisions this week.

We also looked at Laura’s very cool new multi-instrument case that holds a saxophone, clarinet, and flute, all in one fell swoop of a blue-velvet case.  (Is Judd going to write a song about that?)

For more on the History Behind the Story, see Laura’s blog.  To read the earlier books in the series, see Laura’s books:



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