The History Behind the Story: Angus Og

Angus Og, Lord of the Isles–a strong and romantic moniker, evoking fascinating images even before you know anything about him; a name you can really sink your teeth into.

The irony is that Og actually means young. So this great man was really running around being called Junior. Hey, Junior, could you go slaughter the English battalion on my right? Junior, I need 20 galleys and a hundred of your strongest warriors.

I much prefer Angus Og!

vosika blog angus og
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His name aside, he was a fascinating man, yet another who deserves far more attention from history than what he has received. He looms large (a little historical humor, as some sources say he was small in stature) and colorful in Nigel Tranter’s Bruce Trilogy. But when it comes to researching him, there is very little.

The facts that are known are minimal. He was the middle son of Angus Mor. (Mor is large, or elder, in Gaelic.) His older brother, Alexander, supported his brother-in-law, MacDougall, and the English. I have come across very little about his younger brother, Iain (or John) Sprangach, apart from learning that Angus Mor’s lands in the western Isles of Scotland were originally split between the three sons. Angus Og received Kintyre and Mull.

See more at Laura’s blog.


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