TWiNW: Laura

BB cover 100x135In The Battle is O’er, Book Five of The Blue Bells Chronicles, Shawn brings Clarence to Scotland, to the Glenmirril archives.  Amy is pretty sure she knows who Clarence is…but it makes no sense.  Why would Shawn bring him here?  And why is Shawn suddenly refusing to hold or kiss his son?

Clarence leaves the archives, stunned at the evidence to support Shawn’s wild story.  Shawn follows him. Angus follows Shawn, trying to get some answers as to what he’s up to.  Shawn, of course, is not answering.

We discussed questions as to who or what The Glenmirril Lady is, the fact that many scenes are still missing that link previous scenes to this one, and that poor Angus is still jumping back and forth between a cane and a wheelchair and James hasn’t aged!  Ah, some timeline issues to be sorted out before publication!  This is the life of a writer!

Laura’s Other Books in The Blue Bells Chronicles

For more on The History Behind the Story, see Laura’s blog, which details medieval history, medieval recipes, and stories of Shawn’s orchestral world.


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