Nothing is Free

Not surprisingly, in this day and age, I found all four of my books today on a site where, for a monthly fee, readers can read my books ‘for free.’  I have never uploaded my books to this site.  There is no money coming to me from this site.  I have sent them a request to remove them.  But the sad truth, in this day and age, is that thousands of books are being read on these and similar sites, without authors’ permission or knowledge, and the sites themselves are earning money off these authors without any compensation to these authors.

Writing a book takes a great deal of time and money.


For me, I spend hundreds of hours on each book: on writing, editing, researching, cover design, and formatting for both print and electronic editions.  I have frequently spent months at a time working–writing, teaching music lessons, taking care of home and children–from shortly after 6 in the morning until 1 the next morning, and then getting up 5 hours later to start again, because this is what it takes to make a book happen.

The time it takes to write historical fiction includes research.  I can spend two days finding obscure answers to a single question, to make sure a statement on one page of my book is historically accurate.  Thankfully, it rarely takes that much time for a single fact, but certainly research consumes entire days.

I have spent countless hours in Half Price Books and on book sites online searching for reference books on Scotland and medieval history.  A book specifically on James Douglas, for instance, is not easy to get.  But when you read of Shawn raiding with James Douglas, you are reading history as it happened (apart from that little detail of Shawn and his time slip), because I have taken hours of my life to find those rare books and research the exact paths that James Douglas took on his raids.

For the rest of the article, see Laura’s Blog.


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