TWiNW: Judy


Judy read a new scene, which comes toward the end of her second novel, See that House.  In this scene, we meet the recently resurrected Susan–yes, writers can do that!  (“Not cool!” says Judd.)

Susan has spent a lifetime seeking revenge on the man who harmed her more than fifty years ago.  She has, in fact, been quite maniacal, and largely the cause of much of what has befallen these people, including her own sons.

In this scene, our heroine, Kate, seeks to convince Susan to talk with, and try to help, a large group of girls just rescued from their abductors.

We discussed how many years Susan has spent seeking revenge, and the question of how quickly people do–or don’t–change.  We talked about the ways people change, and how and why it happens.

We also talked about how tasers work.  Ah, the things that writers learn!


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