TWiNW: Sue

This Week in Night Writers:

Sue read her re-write of Blossom and the Zucchini.


Blossom has a zucchini problem!  Her best feline friend forever, Reilley swears a zucchini once crept up on him, and Merle brags of taking a bite out of an attacking zucchini–it tasted like frog legs, he tells them.  “You must take matters into your own paws,” he warns Blossom.

And so Blossom does, using Merle’s careful directions on how to deal with zucchini.

Just as she disposes of them, and saving the whole family,Mrs. H and Willow come home, looking zucchini to bake a chocolate zucchini cake.  Now Blossom discovers how bad the zucchini situation really is!

We talked about how cats behave when they’re unsure of something, and whether it’s important to the story whether Mrs. H is accustomed to baking or not.

Read Sue’s stories at Blossom’s Blogs.


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