TWiNW: Lyn and Genny

Lyn took a break from her novels about the various residents of Birch Lake to read a short story called Today, Tomorrow, and Then.  Using the large inheritance left to her, Corrie Andrews has re-made her life in the wake of her mother’s death after a long bout with Alzheimer’s.  She flies off to new adventures, but one day she wakes up in an unfamiliar room, unfamiliar clothes…men she doesn’t know asking her why she didn’t show up for dinner….

We talked about potential places to submit this story, and the twists that the story takes the reader on before the reader realizes what’s happening to Corrie.

Genny continued her story Princess Shining Star, with the comment that she will once again be changing the title, but has not yet decided to what.

In tonight’s scene, Laura and Jessie get ready to go to a dance after Jessie has broken up with her boyfriend Charlie–Laura in a red net dress, paisley belt, and gogo boots.  She has laid out clothes for Jessie, and Jessie does wonder where Laura is finding the money for all these nice clothes.

But Laura has already whisked her along to the next thing–the suggestion to hitchhike when they miss the bus and, better yet, Laura suggests that Jessie sleep with a stranger.  It’s the best way to get over things!

We discussed the connotations that names have.  Does the name Laura sound like a girl who’s been wild all her life, wears red net dresses, has gun and knife toting boyfriends, and recommends sleeping with strangers?  Ross says no.  Laura (the real one, not the fictional one) appreciates that!


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