Using the Senses

Using the Senses….

Smell.  What is your character smelling?  Lavender from the garden?  Old, stale lavender from an old woman’s closet?  The aroma of chicken and spices cooking or the stink of a backed up toilet?  Make the reader smell it, too.

Hearing.  The blast of shotguns, the lonesome cry of a wolf in an otherwise still night, the sound of a full symphony orchestra, the mournful cry of dove or a single saxophone or the raucous rat-a-tat-tat of a jackhammer in the midst of city noises?  The low of a cow in the countryside?  Let your reader hear it, too.

Sight.  This one is rich and what we think of first, of course.  Take your time to see the colors, the depth, the light playing over the old stones of the castle or the way the firelight flickers, the smiles on the faces of the people around, or the amazing variety of shades of black worn by the symphonic musicians.  Yes, there are many shades of black!  Make your reader see them all!

Texture, feel.  Let your reader see how rough the stones are, how smooth each blade of grass, the cool swish of water as fingers glide through a creek, the chill of the first snow, or the sweat trickling between shoulder blades and across the brow.  How smooth the whiskey brandy is as it flows over the chicken, and how sharp the pebbles are under bare feet.  Make your reader feel it.



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